It’s here!  Wombat Rue’s theme song! Click to download or play on your player:

      1. WR Theme Song

Or to listen on the web (without opening your player) check this out:

Composed, produced and performed by our friends and partners H.I.S.D. & Radio Galaxy at PeaceUvMine ( 

As requested – here are the lyrics to the verse (chorus coming soon):

Par for the course for the meal for the force
Wombat combat back to the source
Like a branch to the tree to the root to the seed
Bark up the wrong trunk get laid in the leaves
‘Cause bugs get stumped and speakers go thump
Last chance to retreat, Is that really what you want?
Oh, you hard in the streets, but can you swim in the swamps?
Or survive in this wild life Crocodile Hunter type
Land down under might chew you up and spit you out
Sp.. sp.. spit em out 50 or 60 feet
Bag back, trick or treat, paper bag wrap that
Throw you in a knap sack if you think its bittersweet
Smile on your face keep a child in his place
Outta luck outta grace with no one to hug you
No where to run to double check behind you
Wombat Rue fool know where to find you…