Steve Damm, columnist at WorldofSuperhoes, wrote an incredible review of Wombat Rue. It’s a must read! 
“What do you get when you cross an Olympic athlete, a pencil and a dream? You get Wombat Rue, a wonderfully adventurous voyage into an action fantasy comic, full of heart and maybe one of the best villain build ups I have seen in a couple years.  What I mean is that while other family fantasy books are just flat recreations of TV shows (not counting Young Justice) or retreaded concepts like fairies, Harry Potter rip-offs and dumbed down drivel even kids hate; Wombat Rue burns bright and clean in that bland and muddled genre…the characters and dialogue had me burn-turning pages both for the banter and the danger. I was not expecting so much heart!  …Wombat Rue is set to be fantasy of the highest order and is positioned to have one of the best adventure stories in a long time.”