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Ask Brady Canfield to read a book and he will ask you if it has pictures. For real.

You be the judge. Looks a little like Tony Stark?

DSC04337 (1)

Considering Brady has been reading comic books since he was a kid, coming as Tony Stark was a natural choice for Halloween last year. Good thing they picked an actor that looks like Brady.

Urban Art Gallery

Now you can get your Wombat Rue fix at The Gateway’s new Urban Arts Gallery in Salt Lake City.  Visit it the next time you are at The Gateway and enjoy the work of Brady Canfield and other wonderful local artists.

Instant Classic

DXXL| There are some things better than discovering a brand new (to me) comic book. That feeling you get when you are walking between the shelves and that one cover catches your attention, it says “read me, your going to love me” so you add it to the haul and head out the door……..

Perhaps the most striking thing about this cover is the tease above the title. “Based On A True Fantasy”, right there I’m had and I think most of you will be too. Adding to this absurdity is the bottom right corner where we are told it contains “Immature Content”. I can think of no better way to advertise a book than that.

Gate-fold, gold foil, 18 variant type covers are not as good as the cover of this book. This cover also has a Wombat running from a saber-tooth and it is a cool piece of art work, but those two seemingly simple statements put this comic cover in the Top 10 covers of all time for me.

….The story is just what is advertised on the cover. There is action, drama, and funniness abounds. Brady Canfield takes all the things that are so serious about our “real” world and mashes them into dust in the land of Rue.




Wombat Rue on the Web

There are lots of places you can learn more about Wombat Rue and its creator.  You’ll find juicy tidbits and nuggets. If you love Wombat Rue, please visit, post reviews, comments, and create buzz!


Odd jobs

While busy creating Chapter 4 of Wombat Rue (Return to Reasonable), Brady has done some ODD JOBS too, that have been fun.  Sadly, they have delayed production of Issue 4, but all have been for good causes.  Going forward, it’s Wombat Rue all the way!

Brady did this artwork & poster for the Salt Lake City Ballet’s Spring 2012 program.

And then there is the Logo for his wife’s new law firm.

Bringing vision to life!


Below is the line art (with characters) for Action Law’s business cards (guaranteed no other law firms have this!).  The red tie really pops on the teal cards, with the same background as the Logo. I’ll have to find the file and post the actual card.










The print below is one Brady created for Archie’s  70th birthday last year. He entered it in the Night Flight Comics contest, but only got second place!  The first place winner drew Jughead!  Go figure….  Brady “protested” but, to no avail.  Lol.


Lesson learned from all this?  Brady would much rather create his own art than do anything resembling graphic design.  We’ll leave that for the professionals.


If you love Wombat Rue’s “Immature Content”, you’ll love this T-shirt!

Get them while they last! And for only $17.00.

This is a Brady Comics Exclusive, as shown on the cover of every graphic novel.

Gildan 100% Heavy Cotten t-shirts.  Available in: S, M, L and X-Large.

Click the “Order” tab to purchase.

Albuquerque Comic Expo 2012

Brady Comics will be at the ABQ Comic Expo with Wombat Rue and The Weakend. It runs from June 8th-10th, 2012 at the Albuquerque Convention Center! Come visit Brady at booth D#3 and hang.  Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.

Brady Comics, creator & publisher of Wombat Rue, published Wombat Rue’s sister comic book, “The Weakend”, and debuted it on July 21, 2011 at the Hard Rock Cafe during San Diego Comic Con! 
In one of the most relevant and groundbreaking endeavors in a long time, H.I.S.D. has, with the release of The Weakend, accomplished a trifecta of the impossible. The hip-hop assimilation, cosmos slinging, rhyme tones of this CONCEPT record (I’m old) blend perfectly with the accompanying COMIC BOOK illustrated by Brady Canfield of Wombat Rue fame and bring FRESH INSPIRED ENERGY to a quick to conform sound genre. “ – Steve Damm,

Brady and Savvy Point Dexter, from H.I.S.D.   


The Weakend Comic Book is a companion to the album of the same name by the amazing, revolutionary and talented music group known as H.I.S.D.  Think of the album as a sound-track to the comic book – but the album itself tells a story, as echoed in the comic book.  Treat yourself to a night-in of reading the book while listening to the album! 

Go to our “Order” tab to get your copy.  The Weakend Comic Book & Album combo are LIMITED in supply, so order now! You can also order electronic download at:

For more information about H.I.S.D. or to order their album or t-shirts separately, go to www.peaceuvmine.come, their record label.

SPACE UP!  And one more picture from The Weakend Comic book.  :-)










Check out Steve Damm’s review!


Comics in the classroom.

We’ve been invited to present on a panel and breakout session at the San Diego Comic Con this year! (Thanks to Mimi at NightFlight Comics).  We don’t have a booth or table at the Con for Wombat Rue, and haven’t applied for one since it seems to be a venue more suited for mainstream publishers, rather than independents like us.  The panel is about using comics in the classroom.  I’ve been thinking about that a lot for the past few weeks. 

I am new to comics, while my husband and creator of Wombat Rue, Brady, has been reading them all his life.  I often find them hard to understand, so I’m the perfect test case.  I still have to think about which panel I’m supposed to look at first.  That being said, I have come to deeply appreciate the role comics play in learning.  The best compliments we receive, by far, are from young people who say they read and re-read the books, and always find something new in them.  Typically people say they are drawn to the art, which is great.  But to be able to convey a story, and concepts, within a comic book is key to providing long term enjoyment. 

As an attorney by profession, I find there is a need for educators to train the minds of young people.  True, there is much “content” to be absorbed, but training someone to think is where its really at.  You can find content anywhere and everywhere these days.  But critical thinking that is not lazy…now that is worth something.  As I develop the presentation for educators at Comic Con, I’ll be focusing on this goal in particular – using comic books to help students train their minds.  More later.  Peace.

p.s. since this post was full of boring words (as Brady would say), I’ll post one of his sketches, called “Jack, The Reluctant Hero”.

Theme Song

It’s here!  Wombat Rue’s theme song! Click to download or play on your player:

      1. WR Theme Song

Or to listen on the web (without opening your player) check this out:

Composed, produced and performed by our friends and partners H.I.S.D. & Radio Galaxy at PeaceUvMine ( 

As requested – here are the lyrics to the verse (chorus coming soon):

Par for the course for the meal for the force
Wombat combat back to the source
Like a branch to the tree to the root to the seed
Bark up the wrong trunk get laid in the leaves
‘Cause bugs get stumped and speakers go thump
Last chance to retreat, Is that really what you want?
Oh, you hard in the streets, but can you swim in the swamps?
Or survive in this wild life Crocodile Hunter type
Land down under might chew you up and spit you out
Sp.. sp.. spit em out 50 or 60 feet
Bag back, trick or treat, paper bag wrap that
Throw you in a knap sack if you think its bittersweet
Smile on your face keep a child in his place
Outta luck outta grace with no one to hug you
No where to run to double check behind you
Wombat Rue fool know where to find you…