Brady Canfield, creator, artist, writer, publisher:

After serving 20 years as an officer and scientist in the United States Air Force, Brady retired and began creating comic books – a lifelong dream. He set up a studio in his Park City home and began developing the stories that had been simmering in his creative brain for years.

Scraps of paper, napkins, and sketchbooks scattered in files, books, and old coat pockets contained the ideas and episode pieces he needed to consolidate the story.

The result was “Wombat Rue.”

Brady Canfield, Wombat Rue

During his Air Force career, in addition to managing huge programs and cutting-edge research, Brady competed on the United States skeleton team for 11 years and was the bronze medalist at the 2003 Nagano World Championships. He also won National Championships at the age of 39. Now Brady is a full-time artist. In addition to Wombat Rue, he has accumulated an extensive collection of his life drawing sketches. Brady can be reached at or through the our Contact Us page.

Brady on sled at top of track, getting low.

Super hero slider day.

2003 Nagano Japan World Championships, Bronze medal.

Hanging out in St. Moritz.



Felicia Canfield, creative partner, managing editor, colorist, publisher:

Felicia is an attorney and a founding member of Action Law LLC, a Utah law firm. She is also a retired skeleton sport athlete and competed in the World Cup, Europa Cup, America’s Cup, and World Championships race series.  Brady and Felicia have competed together, and were first and only  husband-wife team to each win a Gold medal on the same day –  the Lake Placid America’s Cup race in 2005.  They have been married 25 years and have 3 awesome sons.

Felicia has master’s degrees in international relations and social work and is a mediator. She handles the business aspects of Wombat Rue and works on the creative process with Brady, including coloring.  Felicia also works on the Brady Comics Learning Project, designing lesson plans for teachers to use in the classsrom.  Felicia can be reached at or through the Wombat Rue Contact Us page. You can get more info about Felicia’s professional background at:


Super hero slider day at the track

                                                               Always a balancing act…


On the sled, on ice.


Brady & Felicia at Lake Placid, both won gold at America’s  Cup that day.







Brady & Felicia in Park City.

The Canfields, Wombat Rue

After party – always gotta have one of those!  The two other ladies were our awesome trainers at the Lake Placid Olympic Training Center.