Brady at the ABQ Comic Expo (June 2011) – he slightly underestimated the size Jade would be on his new stand-up banner…. :-)










Random sketches, preview pages and sneak peeks:

“Meet Jade”                                                                                  “Tako Sushi”   




                                                       “Laughing Jade”


Issue 3 Cover – Jade gets the limelite (which she loves):

Before – just line art                                                                                                                                                                                           









 After – with coloring & lettering 


Chapter 3: The Bridge of No Return, preview pages.Rue's nightmare 

Rue is still plagued by nightmares.








  The crew begins their day.   


Jade journeys to find a way across the ravine.



While Rue has a significant emotional event.












Back inside cover of chapter 3. 

Random Sketches.


Rhinos & wolves







Line art from Issue 2, page 23

Jade Muse meets octopus “Tako Sushi”.











Rue and  his nemesis.

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     Chapter 2: The Benefit of the Scout, previews.


 Chapter 1: After Armageddon, previews.

 all images (c) Brady Canfield